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Online psychology groups

Groups are an amazing way to make changes in you life. In a group setting you have the opportunity to learn the most up to date psychology research and theory on building wellbeing and resiliance and managing mental health. Groups allow you to interact with others who are also learning and growing. Groups are a fun way to learn new skills such as habit building, value driven goal setting and emotion regulation skills. Online groups give you the convenience of this experience from the comfort of you home. Groups are also a cost effective way to build your wellbeing and skills in managing life stress and challenging emotions.

Managing stress and burnout: an online group program

Managing stress and burnout

A ten week group exploring why humans suffer and struggle with stress and how we can learn to understand and manage our emotions and lives differently. This group draws on CBT, ACT, DBT, mindfulness and theories of self compassion, positive psychology and the understanding of trauma. The group will run for two hours with a fifteen minute break. Each group will include an opportunity to reflect on each participants experiences and to tailor the groups content to the needs of the participants.

Please email me if you are interested and would like more information EMAIL LINK

Accetance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) groups

ACT for students

ACT for stress management

ACT for anxiety and depression

Online DBT groups

Please see the DBT groups page here

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